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More We’ll Explore in Our Pre-conference Session in Florida

Denny Clark
Aug 13, 2012, 3:15 pm ET

Well, I am back and barely making it through this scorching summer here in the South. The good news is that the heat has kept me indoors talking to friends and doing more reading than I have in a while.

When I last connected with you we were chronicling some interesting trends in the recruitment arena. I would like to hit you up with more, based on some recent conversations I have had. We are moving pretty quickly toward ERE’s pre-conference lineup September 5 in Hollywood, Florida, and my business, Thought Leadership Institute, has partnered with some very cool speakers to bring a leader’s perspective to some of the challenges we face in recruiting today.

Take Andrea Hough, director of recruiting for Servicemaster.

You may not have heard of this parent company, but you definitely know some of its subsidiaries like Terminix, TruGreen, and Merry Maids. Andrea is great because she has a definite competency around the art and science of what I call “rapid deployment recruiting.” Let’s face it: when the economy heats back up (will it ever?!!!) we are going to face times when we have to move quickly to meet the growth needs of our customers.  Andrea has, and you should have, a steely balance between strategy, technology, and on-the-ground tactical moves. She recently filled 6,700 positions in a matter of months (many of the applicants were veterans). She develops a plan for recruitment that is like social networking on steroids as she involves city and state leaders in her rollout via networking, commercials, mobile messaging, and what feels like political advertising. In short she is gifted at galvanizing an entire region in what ends up being a win-win-win for all the stakeholders.

Then, take heed to what’s going on at what many of us may call the “venerable” Coca-Cola. Tom McGuire is the head of global talent acquisition; he brings a distinctively unique perspective to his job. You see, Tom has worked for Coke in marketing and finance, and he is a Certified Public Accountant who loves the talent acquisition field. Believe it: Tom is the former CFO for Revlon.

What is different about Tom is that he unleashes innovation through an approach that is financially focused on human capital management. Many of us might want to see “recruiting as recruiting,” but Tom sees an end-to-end totally synergistic system with value he can document. He has formulas (that I can’t pretend to understand) to underscore a more scientific approach to building recruiting’s business case and speaking directly to the C-Suite. Tom has also done some innovative deployment of his executive search consultants so that they can support each other in a new global war for talent.

All in all, the trends noted here can be bundled under “ways to get to innovation within talent acquisition.” We talk about it a lot in our industry, but in the final analysis, can we unleash innovation consistently and rapidly? That is a question near and dear to my heart. I hope we can explore it together …

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