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An Exciting Time for the Florida Expo

Ed Newman
Jun 22, 2012, 6:55 am ET

As the Spring conference season comes to a close, it is hard to believe that in just a few months it will be September and time for the Fall ERE Expo in Hollywood, Florida. And the summer is just getting started! If you do not have this one on your calendar, you should figure out a way to get there, and it’s not just because I will be the conference chairperson.

In my 25 years in the recruiting industry, I cannot remember a more exciting time. As the technology landscape shifts from traditional Web-based applications to the social and mobile web, the recruiting space is leading the charge. It seems like there are new recruiting solutions emerging every week, giving us all opportunities to improve, advance, and evolve our profession. With all of the exciting innovations and new solutions for recruiters, now is the time to get out and interact with your colleagues in the industry to make sure you are part of the conversation.

If that is not enough to get you there, here are few highlights from the agenda to whet your appetite:

  1. One of the biggest challenges in most companies is to figure out how to align recruiting with the business strategy and broader view of talent management. Andy Rice of BlackBox Consulting will be delivering a preconference workshop that will show you a practical approach for integrating your talent acquisition function with other talent management disciplines.
  2. Ever wonder about the jobs numbers? Wonder how they are derived, what they mean, and where we are going? Linda Brenner of Designs on Talent will be drilling into this topic with two expert analysts from Morningstar.
  3. Over the last decade we have seen more than our share of analogies between talent management and professional sports. Molly Fletcher, a sports agent who has been referred to as the female Jerry McGuire, will be kicking off Day 2 with a very dynamic and entertaining discussion about how you can consistently field the best talent for your team.
  4. There have been lots of mixed reviews of RPO as a model for talent acquisition over the years. Some feel like it’s too important to outsource, and others feel like it’s the only way you can pull it off. Come hear industry veteran Shanil Kaderali talk about when it makes the most sense for you organization and how to determine a true ROI. Also participate in a discussion with Kevin Wheeler and Morgan Hoogvelt on the topic.
  5. Come participate in the Charity Poker tournament and support the ERE Foundation. The buy-in is very reasonable and we will have professional dealers to guarantee a great time. I have been a regular attendee of this event and it is one of the best networking functions in the industry, one I wouldn’t miss.

If you are not into listening to speakers, attending interactive breakout sessions, and poker is not your thing? You should come anyway. This is the recruiting event of the year. Whether it is finding a new product or service to help you solve problems, learning about a best practice that can help you look like a hero, or making a connection that leads to a new opportunity — this is where the people are who will be able to help you advance your career.

I look forward to seeing you there.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer specific legal advice. You should consult your legal counsel regarding any threatened or pending litigation.

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