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The Shortest and Best Hiring Advice You’ll Ever Get

Morgan Hoogvelt
Apr 17, 2012, 10:24 am ET

1. Treat ALL people like gold

2. Hire for personality and culture fit

3. Hire for a skill set that drives results

4. Communicate like no other

5. Onboard like a champion


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  1. Howard Adamsky

    Shortest comment ever:


  2. Keith Halperin

    Thanks Morgan. Got an older, shorter one:

    “Tell the truth, and shame the Devil” a



  3. Paul Tseko

    Morgan, you nailed it!

  4. Tom Gimbel

    Couldn’t agree more with numbers two and four….At LaSalle we call #4 over communicating, and it’s useful in more than just hiring!

    I actually wrote blog posts about these very topics…..

    How to hire for personality and culture fit:

    Over communicating:

  5. Om Singh

    Great quotes in few lines

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