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U.S. Marines Relaunch Site

by Feb 29, 2012, 10:04 am ET

A repair technician - Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan

The Marines have launched a new career site, heavy on interactivity, video, and big, striking photos. A career tool asks users 10 questions about themselves — Do you have a fear of swimming? Are you a visual thinker? Are you good with maps and diagrams? — and then shows videos to candidates depending on their answers to the questions.

There’s a big section on “recruit training” overviewing the 12-week training, with video.

The U.S. Marine Corps began in 1775.


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  • Morgan Hoogvelt

    Awesome, can’t wait to see the site. The military has come a long way and now arguably are some of the recruiting leaders even outdoing Corporate America in recruiting technology, practices, branding & marketing.

    Semper Fi