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Our Employee Referral Program Is Mirroring Our Brand

Gareth Gwyn
Jan 19, 2012, 5:25 am ET

We have traditionally operated a global employee referral system that captures employee’s quality referrals. Should they become hired, it automatically puts their name into the queue for a guaranteed cash reward. Similar to many corporations, different rewards giveaways have been offered over time as incentives: cars, boats, and home renovations.

In 2011 at Quintiles, however, an adventurous theme was implemented (one I hinted at a year ago).

In addition to the cash rewards, successful referrers would also be entered into a grand prize drawing for an exclusive trip of their choice with National Geographic Expeditions.

This adventurous approach heightened engagement. Employee referrals began to constantly rise. Three winners, in each of three regions, were randomly picked by Chairman Dr. Dennis Gillings at the close of the fourth quarter. The theme was well received and emphasizes our culture valuing adventure and experience, as well as encouraging world knowledge and culture sharing.

The employee referral program for 2012 holds more ambitious incentives. A mid-year winner will get to attend the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! This reinforces the concepts of value of competition, being the best, pushing the limits, global cultures all coming together for positive reasons, and valuing experiences and memories. We are looking for the world’s best talent — just like the Olympics attracts.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer specific legal advice. You should consult your legal counsel regarding any threatened or pending litigation.

  1. Keith Halperin

    Really good! A couple of questions:
    1) What percentage of Quintiles’ hires comes from ERs?
    20 What is the typical dollar amount of your ER bonus payment?


  2. Gareth Gwyn

    Hi Keith! Great to hear from you.

    1) Employee referrals are consistently one of our top sources for new hires, although we do not disclose the overall employee referral rate information.

    2) Our referral bonuses are competitive and vary depending upon the job, regional practices and exchange rates. Almost all jobs qualify for a reward, yet we may offer special increased incentives during times of high demand.


  3. Keith Halperin

    You’re very welcome, Gareth. My information may be old, but I remember a hire rate of 40%+ from ERs is decent for larger companies. I attended an event BITD where Cisco discussed increasing its hires this way from 36% to %56% over a fairly short period of time.

    Continued Good Luck,

    Keith “Wants to Set Up ‘EmployeeReferralCon’” Halperin

  4. Gareth Gwyn

    Wow, great info! And best of luck to you as well.

  5. Employee Referral Program

    [...] off to work with ones favorite charity or company recognition at a well attended meeting or asĀ suggests; a reward program to include a drawing, from qualified employees, for a grand prize. [...]

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