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Too Many Applicants? Maybe Not at Siemens

Todd Raphael
Dec 23, 2011, 5:18 am ET

With unemployment rates hovering in the 9% range in the U.S., there are plenty of people for most every job. Actually, scratch that. It’s not quite true for Siemens, where it’s tough to find engineers and others with the skills it needs.

The German company has about 336,000 employees, 1,640 locations, and about 60,000 people, and growing, in the U.S.

Rachel Romaszewski, who recruits for Siemens’ energy business, and I talk about the skills shortage and what’s being done about it. She tells me (out of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) which social media site is working well, which one works less well, and which one’s hit or miss.

“We are just growing like crazy,” she says, in the seven-minute video, below.

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  1. Jerry Albright

    Great interview Todd. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rachel.

    It’s great to hear from someone “outside” the regular Social Media Recruiting Circus from time to time. You can tell she has to produce results for a growing company and is well aware of what works – and what doesn’t.


  2. Rachel Romaszewski

    You are welcome, Thanks Jerry!

  3. Bernard Douglas

    An awesome and inspiring interview Todd. Thank you Rachael for shining some light on the employment outlook. This shows that there are great opportunities with great companies. Social networking definately works well for those that are needing new avenues to find work.

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