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Building Citi’s College Recruiting App Was a 27-Day Affair

Todd Raphael
Sep 16, 2011, 5:52 pm ET

Citigroup has turned parts of its college recruiting site into an iPhone application for students, with added features only for the smart phone users — a project handled in house in 27 days.

The “Chief Technology Office” at Citi wanted to deliver the application before the mid-September recruiting season began. The team — mostly recent grads – worked with recruiters on the concept, prototype, and final product to get it done in less than a month.

Using the app, students at select schools see a list of nearby Citi recruiting events (there are 156 upcoming events at 72 locations); get a Twitter feed from Citi; get directions to events; view “day in the life” videos, and more. Right now, it covers North America, but will later include other events in other parts of the world. Citi’s also working on making the application available on other smart phones.

Citigroup is cutting costs and limiting hiring, but a spokeswoman says the firm has “added talent in businesses and regions that are targeted for growth.”

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