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Veteran Hiring That’s Working

Todd Raphael
Aug 10, 2011, 1:35 pm ET

Amidst high unemployment rates among military veterans, Kelly Snell, who works for a government hiring office in Washington state, says he’s finding success in preparing military men and women for civilian jobs.

In the podcast below of about 10 minutes, Snell talks about his work teaching career skills to veterans, what veterans fail to realize about their experience, and how many phone calls he receives daily letting him know he has made a match.

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  1. Robert Dromgoole

    Having worked for Kelly supporting some of his programs, he really has created a program worth modeling. Below are 3 links to current programs he’s running today:

    He’s partnered with local employers very well. I think if there were a Kelly Snell in every large community, Veterans everywhere would be well served.

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