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Making Hiring Mistakes Can Pay Off

by Mar 28, 2011, 2:11 pm ET

A mistake in hiring is more than just a bad hire.

It’s actually a chance to improve your recruiting processes, rather than blame yourself or someone else, says consultant Steven Balzac.

We talk about this in the video below, as well as about the part of the hiring process (screening, assessment, job description, job ad, interview) that’s the source of the biggest mistakes.

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  • Bill Kaminski

    I’m an HR Generalist, but I’ve been involved in recruiting and interviewing for 30 years. Its been my experience that managers do not have the interpersonal skills to conduct an effective interview. They collect their 10 best questions and conduct Q&A sessions. They don’t know how to facilitate a real dialogue that gets passed the rehearsed responses. The process is important – but, without excellent interviewing skills – it doesn’t work. Bill Kaminski

  • Ben Hayes

    Like most big mistakes in business probably no one is gone to own up that they made a mistake like hiring the wrong person because their job would be in jeopardy.

    The recruites have no understanding of what the job with the vacancy entails.