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Career Site Builder Company Sold

John Zappe
May 3, 2010, 6:52 pm ET

Standout Jobs, a Canadian recruitment marketing company that debuted at ERE’s Spring 2008 EXPO, has been sold.

TechCrunch reported the sale this morning. No details, including price or even who the buyer is, are available, although the website speculated it was sold to a “mid-tier jobs site looking to ramp up its social features.”

Founder and CEO Ben Yoskovitz, who blogged about the sale of his company today, said the buyer asked not to be identified other than to say it’s “in the HR space.”

Standout Jobs launched in early 2008 with $1.57 million in seed money. Its first offering was a self-service career site builder for small and mid-size companies. The service was initially free. Fees for premium services were to be added in time.

Last fall, the site was relaunched emphasizing more services than technology. The career site builder was (and is) a core element, but Standout Jobs also offered SEO and social media services.

Yoskovitz said he doesn’t know what the buyer’s plans are for the site.

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  1. Steven Rothberg

    The seller doesn’t know the buyer’s intentions. Doesn’t sound too promising.

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  3. Frank Lee

    It sounds like Jobing (formerly has struck again.

  4. Steven Rothberg

    Frank — You may be correct, but why do you feel the buyer was Jobing? BTW, if it was Jobing, then I feel a LOT more confident about how the technology developed will be used. The folks at Jobing know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

  5. Frank Lee

    I think it might be Jobing because it fits their current strategy. The article mentions mid tier board. That could mean someone else since our friends in the valley have all but abandoned the job board business that they where built on and instead tour the country as social media recruiting experts. They bill thr few people they have left as recruitment marketing consultants. They have been trying to sell career pages for years but thru technology stinks making this a good strategic purchase. Of course, it might not have been them since they might not have any money left after they spent a few million on SHRM shows and put their name on an arena with no to little return.

  6. Steven Rothberg

    Frank — It is not Jobing. I heard from a reliable source after posting my comment above that it was another organization. I don’t know what organization, but I do know for sure that it isn’t Jobing.

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