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Lowisz: Recruiting is Recovering

by Sep 10, 2009, 10:00 am ET

You’ve heard that employment is a proverbial “lagging indicator.” Companies wait to hire until they’re sure an economic recovery is underway. Actually, that’s not true, says Stephen Lowisz, founder and CEO of Qualigence.

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  • Mike Sullivan

    I would love to see Mr. Lowisz’s prediction come true: “…a return to a lot of traditional ways of recruiting…building relationships.”

    At my son’s Back-to-School-Night yesterday an old acquaintance asked if I was still headhunting. “Every chance I get, which is not often enough lately,” I cheerfully replied.

    He’s an out-of-work real estate finance executive, but he said he felt very sorry for people in my profession these days.


  • Keith Halperin

    I said it before (, and I’ll say it again:
    Maybe things look better where you are folks, but not around here in the Bay Area.

    Also, look at the historic unemployment rate: Let’s compare recessions- here defined as an unemployment rate above 7.0% for the late 70s-early 80s and current one, and above 6.0% for the 2003 one (the rate never went above 6.3!) If we get back to 7%, it will be higher than it was during the Dot Bomb Recession of 2003. This doesn’t look likely to happen for awhile.

    Like Stephen and Mike, I hope these predictions are way, way too pessimistic, but if they’re not, let’s work together to improve all our fortunes in the face of these facts.