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Confessions of a Twitter Skeptic

Tony Blake
Apr 10, 2009, 2:20 pm ET

I confess. I’ve been slow to warm up to Twitter.

Another confession. That is a major understatement. In fact, a year ago at the Spring ERE Expo I was totally annoyed by the “tweeting” going on during presentations. It was distracting. Twitter quickly became a four-letter word for me.

However, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I’ve had a Twitter account for less than two days, but I see now clearly see the enormous potential for recruiting and branding. The morning after I set up my account and did my first tweet, a great blog post was sent to me, written by Jessica Meher. Very nice work, Jessica.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter at I’m planning on tweeting regularly about leadership, recruiting, DaVita’s culture, and random funny stories.

Along the way, just maybe I can do some “brand building.”

Some of my recruiters already have followers — they clearly “got this” before I did. Kudos to them. I’m thankful that we’re a great TEAM that learns from each other. Especially when their leader is (way) too slow to jump on the bandwagon.

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  1. Bryan Chaney

    Congrats on getting to the learning curve! It’s not too steep and it can definitely be fun. Especially when you see how fast the network of followers can grow if you abide by a few simple rules. This applies especially to marketers & recruiters!

    Still not sure if Twitter is for you?
    Check out a free webcast I’m presenting next week:

    Good luck – I still can’t get my CEO on Twitter ;)


    Join the new recruitment marketing group

  2. Stuart Foster

    Glad to see you jump on board Tony. Twitter is a goldmine of opportunity, insight and information that is relevant to HR (and my field Marketing/PR). I can’t tell you how much this has enhanced my professional development.

  3. Sylvia Dahlby

    I am also a late twitter adopter and been on it about a week. I’d been resistant to it as just so much more noise, but have been monitoring the buzz about it as a recruiting tool. And then at the ERE Expo last month, Aaron Matos from stopped by my booth and showed me a few things on twitter that got me to thinking I should try it.

    Gotta admit, it’s fun “stalking” my friends, mentors and colleagues on twitter – and thanks to some of the gurus out there I’m learning how this social network tool can help me grow more business connections and keep up on the buzz du jour.

    As you say, the potential is enormous.

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